DB Project


The goal of the practical course is to develop skills in the design of object-relational DB schemas and the development of modern database applications. The work is divided into four worksheets, focusing on the following concepts:

  1. Sheet: Writing SQL queries and UDFs and development of an embedded-SQL program
  2. Sheet: Implementing a stock trading system using views, triggers, and stored procedures
  3. Sheet: Interacting with the metadata catalog and mapping between relational and XML schemas
  4. Sheet: Implementing the core engine of a web application for onling shopping using servlets

In average, the worksheets are released every two weeks, and each has a submission deadline of 4 weeks after its release.
Students will be organized into groups of two, and the grading of worksheets is performed on a group basis

Additional to the worksheets, there will be three oral examinations (colloquiums), whose goal is to assess the correct understanding of the concepts used in the worksheets. The examinations are performed with both group members, but contrary to the worksheets, the grading is individual. More details will be provided in the kick-off meeting




Apr. 4, 2018

Results of registration have been sent out.
Please check your mail box which was used for registration and contact me in case you have not received any result.

Apr. 3, 2018

Registration closed.

Feb. 6, 2018

DB project will be offered again in SS 2018 and the registration starts now.


Registration due: April 2 (no extensions. Late submissions will not be considered.).

More details about the registration process are described below.

Details about the Registration Process

  • The DB Project will be offered again in the SS 2018. Please check our Website regularly for updates.
  • The number of participants is limited. Registration result does not depend on the first-come-first-serve rule.
  • To register, download this json template registration file, rename it to yourmatriculationnumber.json, edit it to reflect your information and send it as attachment via email to Max Gilbert (m_gilbert13@cs.uni-kl.de). Please use your offcial university email account @cs.uni-kl.de or @rhrk.uni-kl.de to register and to send the email.
  • The registration due is April 2 and the results will be notified several days later in the same week.
  • A kick-off meeting will take place on April 9 (Monday) at 11:45 in room 36-336.  In this meeting, we will form the groups, discuss organizational aspects, provide reference material for documentation, and introduce the development environment. The participation in this meeting is mandatory.

Contact Person

Max Gilbert 36-334