Guided Research

The "Guided Research" module offers Master students the opportunity to engage in a real research project of our group. It aims to introduce students to the research activities of a typical PhD program, focusing mostly on practical aspects. The activities usually include an initial study of the particular problem followed by the actual "hands-on" work, which consists of implementing and/or evaluating system designs or algorithms which are either found in the literature or conceptualized by the advisor.

The program is recommended for students which either would like to apply for a PhD program after finishing their degree or have a special interest in working on research and development. Furthermore, it is particularly useful as an introduction to a Master's thesis. By working on the same general problem in both modules, the student can save time on the learning phase of the Master's thesis and pursue more ambitious goals for the final thesis contribution. It is also very likely that doing a good job in this process will lead to a scientific publication.

Also note that the Guided Research module can be used as a replacement to the project module (Praktikum). For more details, refer to the study plan and the official regulations found on the website of the CS Deparment, more specifically in the module handbook.

Available Topics

The topics available are closely related to the research projects  of our group. More specifically, the student will work under guidance of a PhD student on the same topic they are doing their research on. Therefore, we recommend getting familiar with our projects by exploring the links on the lefthand side of this page. Also, feel free to contact any of our academic staff members directly if you are interested in their research.

Some direct links to available topics: