Instant Recovery

  • Novel algorithms and techniques for logging and recovery
  • Collaboration with HP Labs

WattDB  - Energy-Efficient Processing in Database Systems

Green-IT aspects for database research

  • Energy-efficient algorithms
  • Solid State Disks
  • DBMS aware of energy consumption

A remark for students: The following projects are either external collaborations or on the ending phase. Therefore, we currently cannot offer HiWi jobs or thesis topics for them


Language- and data-independent query-processing engine

  • Multiple storage modules: native XML, relational, flat files, NoSQL
  • Abstract query model supporting multiple languages and programming models
  • Parallel execution on multi-core systems
  • Distributed execution with MapReduce and NoSQL

Energy-Efficient Storage System for Databases

High-performance and energy-efficient:

  • Algorithms (buffer management, wear-leveling, etc.)
  • Storage system architecture
  • Storage device cost models

XTC - Native XML Data Management

The XML Transaction Coordinator

  • Fine-grained Transaction Isolation
  • Transaction-safe XML APIs
  • XQuery Processing

Partially supported by the DASMOD project A3XDB.

ACCache - Database Caching

The adaptive constraint-based caching of data

  • Caching of relational and data (caching of XML data is planed)
  • adaptive loading and unloading of content
  • SQL interface
  • Various serialization levels