Project Leader

Scientific staff

  • Caetano Sauer (Query and storage components for MapReduce processing)

Former Members

  • Dr. Sebastian Bächle (Project founder and leading development)
  • Roxana Zapata Gomez (Serialization component)
  • Max Bechtold (Index support and optimized path processing, MapReduce benchmarking)
  • Henrique Valer (Integration of NoSQL stores)
  • Vladimir Grachov (Integration of RDBMS stores and general coupling infrastructure)
  • Nico Weisenauer (Optimization of relational operators in MapReduce)
  • Hassan Issa (Schema import)
  • Augusto Barcellos Bernd (Query rewrite engine)
  • Martin Hiller (Optimization of concurrency control for XML documents)
  • Pedro Martins Dusso (Optimizing sort in Hadoop with replacement-selection)
  • Stefan Hemmer (Interactive Web UI)