EESSD (Energy-Efficient Storage System for Databases)


This project investigates how to improve the energy efficiency of database storage systems, and how they can contribute to the optimization of the overall energy consumption and performance of database systems (see also our project Energy-Efficient DBS). We study and propose novel architectures, algorithms, and techniques related to emerging memory technologies such as Flash memory and PCM (Phase-Change Memory). These memories have some attractive properties in common: low access latency, low idle power, and high density. A prototype system (eessd) is being developed to support empirical methods.


Theo Härder

Project Leader

Yi Ou

Scientific Staff

Caetano Sauer

Scientific Staff

Peiquian Jin

Visiting Scholar (2009)

Jianliang Xu

External Collaborator (Hong Kong Baptist University)


Yannick Krück

BSc Thesis (PCM Buffer Replacement Algorithms)



Yi Ou, Theo Härder and Peiquan Jin
CFDC - A Flash-aware Replacement Policy for Database Buffer Management
In: Proc. SIGMOD Workshop "Data Management on New Hardware (DaMoN)", Providence, US
June 2009
Karsten Schmidt, Yi Ou and Theo Härder
The Promise of Solid State Disks - Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Cost of DBMS Processing
In: Proc. C* Conference on Computer Science & Software Engineering (C3S2E-09), Montreal, Canada, pp. 35-41
May 2009
Theo Härder, Karsten Schmidt, Yi Ou and Sebastian Bächle
Towards Flash Disk Use in Databases - Keeping Performance While Saving Energy?
In: Proc. BTW, LNI P-144, Münster, Germany, pp. 167-186
March 2009
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