Update 2014-03-03:

The WattDB project is nearing its end, therefore, we do not have any open positions any more.

We are developing WattDB, an energy-efficient database system. Currently, we are implementing the very first version of our DBMS and we are looking for supporting developers.

We’ll offer interesting and challenging development tasks with insights in current research work. Besides good programming skills in C/C++, we expect you to have background knowledge about database systems.You’ll have the opportunity to put your academic knowledge to practical use. By joining our project, you’ll have the chance to implement the concepts you’ve learned in database lectures and finally put those theoretical algorithms into code.

You will work closely with the developers and we encourage you to come up with your own ideas to improve our database system. All tasks will require independent work on your own, therefore we can offer flexible working hours to you.

The jobs are intended to require about 7 to 9 hours per week, but individual arrangements are possible. Right now there are no fixed jobs, but can be clarified via e-mail. If you have ideas on your own, feel free to contact us to discuss the details. As mentioned, we are shooting at a moving target; therefore the todo list will change rapidly.

Contact: Daniel Schall