Christopher Kramer, Volker Höfner and Theo Härder
Lastprognose für energieeffiziente verteilte DBMS
In: Proc. 42. Gi-Jahrestagung 2012, LNI 208, pp. 397-411
GI, September 2012
Theo Härder and Daniel Schall
WattDB - A Cluster of Wimpy Processing Nodes to Approximate Energy Proportionality
In: Proc. 42. Gi-Jahrestagung 2012, LNI 208, pp. 394-396
GI, September 2012
Daniel Schall, Volker Höfner and Manuel Kern
Towards an Enhanced Benchmark Advocating Energy-Efficient Systems
In: Proc. TPCTC 2011, LNCS 7144, pp. 31-45
Springer, August 2012

Abstract: The growing energy consumption of data centers has become an area of research interest lately. For this reason, the research focus has broadened from a solely performance-oriented system evaluation to an exploration where energy efficiency is considered as well. The Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) has also reflected this shift by introducing the TPC-Energy benchmark. In this paper, we recommend extensions, refinements, and variations for such benchmarks. For this purpose, we present performance measurements of real-world DB servers and show that their mean utilization is far from peak and, thus, benchmarking results, even in conjunction with TPC-Energy, lead to inadequate assessment decisions, e.g., when a database server has to be purchased. Therefore, we propose a new kind of benchmarking paradigm that includes more realistic power measures. Our proposal will enable appraisals of database servers based on broader requirement profiles instead of focusing on sole performance. Furthermore, our energy-centric benchmarks will encourage the design and development of energy-proportional hardware and the evolution of energy-aware DBMSs.

Christopher Kramer
Workload Prediction for Energy-Efficient Distributed Database Management Systems
Bachelor's Thesis, University of Kaiserslautern, March 2012


Daniel Schall and Volker Hudlet
WattDB: An Energy-Proportional Cluster of Wimpy Nodes
In: Proc. SIGMOD 2011 Conference, pp. 1229-1232
June 2011
Volker Höfner and Daniel Schall
WattDB – An Energy‐proportional DBMS
In: Proc. Sustainable Energy Efficient Data Management Workshop, Washington D.C.
May 2011
Theo Härder, Volker Hudlet, Yi Ou and Daniel Schall
Energy Efficiency is not Enough, Energy Proportionality is Needed!
In: Proc. DASFAA'11,1st Int. Workshop on FlashDB, LNCS 6637, pp. 226-239
Springer, April 2011
Volker Hudlet and Daniel Schall
Measuring Energy Consumption of a Database Cluster
In: Proc. 14. GI-Fachtagung Datenbanksysteme für Business, Technologie und Web (BTW 2011), Demo-Programm, Kaiserslautern, Germany, LNI P - 180, pp. 734-737
March 2011


Clement Genzmer, Volker Hudlet, Hyunjung Park, Daniel Schall and Pierre Senellart
The SIGMOD 2010 Programming Contest - A Distributed Query Engine
SIGMOD Record, 39(2), pp. 61-64
June 2010
Volker Hudlet
True Energy-efficient Data Processing is Only Gained by Energy-proportional DBMSs
In: Proc. Workshop "Grundlagen von Datenbanken"
May 2010


Daniel Schall
Energieeffizienz in Datenbanksystemen - Entwurf einer Meß- und Auswertungsumgebung
Diploma Thesis, University of Kaiserslautern, September 2009
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