Scientific Members and PhD. Students

Michael Haustein
Former CEO Core Engine
Project Founder

Christian Mathis
CEO XQuery

Picture of Jose de Aguiar
Jose de Aguiar
Selectivity Estimation

Picture of Leonardo Ribeiro
Leonardo A. Ribeiro
Approximation Queries

Picture of Sayyed Kamyar Izadi
Sayyed Kamyar Izadi
on XML Docs

Picture of Andreas M. Weiner
Andreas M. Weiner
XQuery Optimization

Former Project Members

Picture of Martin Meiringer
Martin Meiringer
Metadata Management

Picture of Thomas Sommer
Thomas Sommer
Storage of Collections

Picture of Markus Wagner
Markus Wagner
Storage Structures

Picture of Juliane Neumann
Juliane Neumann
Control Center

Picture of Konstantin Luttenberger
Konstantin Luttenberger
Lock Strategies

Picture of Alexandre Coster
Alexandre Coster
Similarity Join

Picture of Felipe Mobus
Felipe Mobus
Path Synopsis

Picture of Luiz Svoboda
Luiz Svoboda
XML Search

Picture of Leonardo Dalpiaz
Leonardo Dalpiaz
XML Selectivity

Picture of Stefan Hühner
Stefan Hühner
Physical Algebra Operators

Picture of Sebastian Potthoff
Sebastian Potthoff
XML Schema Support

Picture of Sebastian Prehn
Sebastian Prehn
(JSR 170)

Picture of Muhammad Mainul Hossain
Muhammad Mainul Hossain
Autonomous XML Indexing

Picture of Matthias Burkhart
Matthias Burkhart
Concurrency Control for Metadata

Picture of Caesar Ralf Franz Hopen
Caesar Ralf Franz Hopen
Demo Support

Picture of Fernanda Pimenta
Fernanda Pimenta
Similarity Join

Renato Oliveira da Silva
Demo Support

Jonas Jeske
Bulk Loading

Roya Parvizi

Rodrigo Cirando

Eduardo Postal
Auto Indexing

Picture of Caetano Sauer
Caetano Sauer
Path Synopsis,