XTC Server Releases

Download the current release of our prototype XML database management system for your personal non-commercial use. The Quick Start Guide shows you the first steps with your XTCserver release.





Nightly builds or self-tuning edition

We do not provide new releases of the XTC server, but you may consider the self-tuning version.


NightlyBuilt-0.12.4 (zip, gzip)

New XQuery cost-based optimizer implementation, enhanced monitoring API,

flash-disk optimized buffer algorithms, performance improvements (unstable)


New implementation of the XQuery processor.


Reduced logging for document and collection storage and improved recovery.

XTC Server (Self-Tuning Version)

This is a special version containing self-tuning features based on the original storage and processing engine of XTC server. You may download it for your personal non-commercial use and at your own risk. A separate tutorial is in preparation.

The most recent version for download:

[2011-03-31] [10MB] - contains the server, client, driver, and libaries

The following self-tuning features are shipped with this version:

  • Buffer Management ["Lightweight Performance Forecasts for Buffer Algorithms"]
  • XML Storage Management ["Usage-driven Storage Structures for Native XML Databases"]
  • XML Indexing ["On the Use of Query-driven XML Auto-Indexing"]
  • Load Balancing
  • ... and more

Online Resources

XTCserver Quick Start Guide(needs revision)

Changelog and Release Notes

R0.12.4 - stable version

R0.10.1 - development version