Dr.-Ing. Philipp Dopichaj


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    Philipp Dopichaj
    University of Kaiserslautern
    Dept. of Computer Science
    P.O. Box 3049
    D-67653 Kaiserslautern
  • Phone: +49-631-205-3281
  • Fax: +49-631-205-3299
  • Room: 36/340

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Dopichaj, P.:
Content-oriented retrieval on document-centric XML
PhD thesis, January 2008


Dopichaj, P.:
The Simplest XML Retrieval Baseline That Could Possibly Work
to appear in: Focused access to XML documents (Proc. INEX 2007)

Dopichaj, P.:
Improving Content-Oriented XML Retrieval by Applying Structural Patterns
in: Proc. ICEIS, Funchal, June 2007.

Dopichaj, P.:
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Improving Content-Oriented XML Retrieval by Exploiting Small Elements
in: Proc. Workshops 24th BNCOD (BNCODwebim), Glasgow, July 2007

Dopichaj, P.:
Space-efficient Indexing of XML Documents for Content-Only Retrieval, accepted for Datenbank-Spektrum 23 (November 2007)


Dopichaj, P:
Element Retrieval in Digital Libraries: Reality Check
in: Proc. SIGIR 2006 Workshop on XML Element Retrieval Methodology

Dopichaj, P:
The University of Kaiserslautern at INEX 2005
in: Proc. INEX 2005, Dagstuhl November 2005.


Dopichaj, P.:
Element Relationship: Exploiting Inline Markup for Better XML Retrieval
in: Proc. BTW, Karlsruhe, March 2005.


Dopichaj, P.:
Exploiting Background Knowledge for Better Similarity Calculation in XML Retrieval
in: Proc. of the 21st Annual British National Conference on Databases Volume 2 (Doctoral Consortium), Edinburgh, July 2004.

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Conflation Methods and Spelling Mistakes – A Sensitivity Analysis in Information Retrieval
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Schmitt, S., Dopichaj, P., Domínguez-Marín, P.:
Entropy-Based vs. Similarity-Influenced: Attribute Selection Methods for Dialogs Tested on Different Electronic Commerce Domains
in: Advances in Case-Based Reasoning, 6th European Conference, ECCBR 2002 Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, September 4-7, 2002, Proceedings, pp. 380-394

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