WattDB (Energy-Efficient Processing in Database Systems)


Green-IT is a current trend in all areas of information technology. We as a database research group focus on the energy-efficiency aspects of database processing. To explore new algorithms, energy-saving, evaluate various data processing approaches, and monitor energy consumption, we have developed WattDB, a research prototype of an energy-aware DBMS, where we can research our vision of an energy-proportional database cluster.

WattDB is a newly developed Database Management System running on a dynamically forming cluster of nodes. By adjusting the number of active nodes, performance and power consumption can be tuned.

Research Topics


  • Energy-aware query optimization
  • Energy-efficient, distributed query processing
  • Energy-efficient storage structures
  • Dynamic partitioning schemes for quick migration of data
  • Distributed database operations
  • Energy-efficient Hardware
  • Solid State Disks / Flash chips
  • ULV CPUs and GPUs